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Inci Skin Care AS is an importer and distributor of high quality skin care products to the European market. Products are distributed through a selective and limited selection of highly qualified brand dealers across Europe.

The Inci team has more than eight years of experience with scientifically documenting, developing, testing, producing, marketing and sales of cosmetic active ingredients. We have tested and experienced a range of various cosmetic products. When we in 2012 came over the product series from LPAR (Lucrece) we were overwhelmed by the efficiency of the products – the products had an effect on the skin! This was the first time we experienced that cosmetic products had a visual effect on the skin. In addition the products contained natural active ingredients, no parabenes, and the packaging is environment friendly. We therefore wanted to make these innovative, effective, and high quality products available for likeminded in Europe so more people could enjoy the use of effective skin care products.

Lucrece Physicians’ Aesthetic Research, Inc. (LPAR) was established in San Clemente, California in 1993 by a team of professionals consisting of a dermatologist, an aesthetician and a cosmetic surgeon to develop professional skin care products for anti-aging and hyperpigmentation.

LPAR Professional Skin Care products are formulated with scientifically tested ingredients dedicated to the latest anti-aging skincare research and development, ensuring that our products contain the most advanced ingredients and formulas available in the skincare industry.

Lucrece product line was originally designed and formulated to help professional skin care specialists provide the best skincare products possible and was primarily placed in Doctors' offices in Southern California. As their patients began to test our professional skin care product lines they were impressed with how quickly and effectively their skin's condition began to improve and that the anti-aging effects were visible.

Patients, aestheticians and doctors formed a loyal customer base that sustained the company throughout the formative stages. Over time, word-of-mouth spread and demand grew for a more complete line of professional skin care products with wider distribution.

LPAR standards for professional skin care products embrace your health and care for the environment:

  • Dedicated to producing and distributing professional skin care products by using naturally occurring ingredients in conjunction with the most advanced skin technology and research available
  • Committed to the health and appearance of the customer's skin by on-going research, education, and customer support
  • In consideration of your health and well-being, the products are formulated paraben-free
  • With respect to the environment, all of the package materials are recyclable or biodegradable, and we do not manufacture boxes for individual retail products
  • No usage of animal derived collagen or stem cells in the products


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